There are two ways to hire a change manager. Your first thought will most likely be to create a fixed position in your company and recruit accordingly.

However, in some cases it might be wise to consider hiring an interim change manager instead. 

In order to make the right decision, it’s crucial to consider your organization’s specific needs and aspirations, and what kind of change expertise you need to attain.


For example, many organizations opt for a combination of both approaches: anchoring their in-house change capability with a fixed position and bringing in expertise and fresh perspective with an interim professional.

Or maybe you want to hire the expertise of an interim change expert to set up the basic structure for building in-house change capability, before recruiting the right (permanent) change manager to take over.

Let’s see how both options match your situation:

Fixed position

  • A long-term commitment for ongoing change initiatives
  • This gives the change manager deep organizational knowledge, coming from the opportunity to build strong relationships within the organization
  • Organizations can seek individuals who align well with the company’s culture and long-term strategic goals, contributing to a smoother change implementation
  • And allow this person to further develop their skill

Interim change manager

  • A flexible and specialized expert for a specific period or project
  • For initiatives that require immediate attention or are politically sensitive
  • Brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, and an objective and fresh perspective
  • This person can be brought in relatively quickly, with potentially lower costs compared to a fixed position
  • And is able to quickly adapt to new environments

When in doubt about the best course of action, make sure to reach out so we can consult you based on your specific situation.


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