Interim Change Manager

Are you facing a major transformation within your organization?

And are you looking for an interim change manager? Then you’re on the right path to success! 

Almost two-thirds of change initiatives fail to meet their objectives, which can lead to financial issues and dissatisfied employees. As such, it seems like navigating change smoothly is almost impossible in this VUCA world! 

But there is good news: organizations with effective change management strategies are 6x more likely to succeed.

So when should you opt for the flex version, instead of hiring a fixed professional? 

Well, you should know that interim change managers are neither better nor worse than permanent transformation experts. It all depends on your organization and the change challenge it’s facing.

Let’s dive in!

Why do you need a change manager in the first place?

A change manager is responsible for managing the people-side of change by overseeing the entire spectrum of change activities to ensure a smooth implementation. They are experts in behavioral change within business transformations with the focus on engaging, informing, and training to maximize adoption and commitment of all the impacted stakeholders.

So, what makes a change manager so unique and necessary?

→ These experts have lots of experience and use proven methods to plan and execute change in a structured way. This expertise ensures your transformation goes smoothly and achieves its goals effectively.

To be more concrete, change managers will be able to:

  • NSpeed up the adoption of change
  • NImprove employee engagement
  • NReduce the resistance to change
  • NSave costs and reduce risks
  • NCreate organizational agility

Hiring a fixed vs. interim change manager

There are two ways to hire a change manager. Your first thought will most likely be to create a fixed position in your company and recruit accordingly. However, in some cases it might be wise to consider hiring an interim change manager instead. 

An interim change manager is hired on a temporary basis to lead and manage organizational changes within a company. These changes can include restructuring, process improvements, technology implementations, mergers and acquisitions, or any other significant changes that affect the organization. 

Here are 6 key reasons why you should consider hiring an interim change manager instead of a fixed one:


Interim change managers offer flexibility in terms of duration and commitment. Organizations can hire them for specific projects or periods of change without the long-term commitment of a permanent hire. 

Politically Sensitive Situations:

Sometimes, organizations are in need of a good shaking. It requires a change manager who feels comfortable vocalizing the hard truths. An employee who sees themselves staying at the company for years and years to come, might inadvertently be too worried about their own position and the repercussions of their actions.

Specialized Expertise:

Having managed different types of organizations and transformations, interim change managers often bring a wide range of experience and knowledge. Because of this, they will be able to craft tailored solutions to the specific needs of the change project.


Hiring an interim change manager can be more cost-effective in the long-run than bringing on a permanent employee with a similar skill set. Companies can save on recruitment, long-term salary, benefits, absent costs, and training, as interim managers are typically engaged on a contract basis.

Fresh Perspective:

Coming from outside the organization, interim change managers offer a fresh viewpoint. They can identify issues and opportunities that might be overlooked by internal staff, leading to innovative solutions and more effective change strategies.

Quick Adaptation:

Interim change managers are accustomed to quickly integrating into new environments. This allows them to start making a positive impact quickly after joining the team.

But that’s not all! 

If you’ve ever led an organization during times of change, you understand it is extremely complex. These change experts know that and don’t just provide solutions – they also give top executives peace of mind and confidence, keeping the company strong, even in uncertain times.

3 Typical Interim Change Manager Assignments

For which change challenges, for example, should you consider hiring an interim change manager?

Organizational Restructuring:

When it comes to reorganizing, things can get tricky, especially if there are sensitive issues at play. Think of mergers, layoffs, or leadership changes. 

In these situations, an interim change manager can step in and navigate the complexities, delicately handling the people side of change.

Digital Transformations:

In this day and age, digital transformations are as common as your morning coffee. Yet, success often hinges on the specialized knowledge of the change managers involved.

Imagine the value of hiring an interim change manager who has gone through at least a handful of ERP-implementations before!

Cultural Transformations:

Culture is often so ingrained in an organization, that its own employees can’t even see it.

As such, an interim change manager – who is essentially an “outsider” stepping into the organization – might be more perceptive to the cultural nuances at play.

Your partner in change

Our mission is to accelerate change.
We help organizations increase their change capability, so they can stay on top of their game and build the organizations of tomorrow.

How? By connecting Top 100 organizations to passionate and experienced change professionals – fixed and flex.

Here’s how we find the perfect interim manager for your change initiative:

Understanding your needs:

Through our initial contact, we get to the bottom of your needs. We delve deep into your change challenges and the essence of your organization.


We personally reach out to the top interim change managers in our network and push the vacancy through several channels.


You can rely on us to present a handpicked shortlist of 3-4 candidates within just one week.

What our clients say

”SPRING TODAY has provided us with a very strong interim change manager. We are very pleased with this great match! They immediately understood the background of our question and the dynamics in our organization and came up with some very suitable profiles. We will definitely reach out to SPRING TODAY in case of future vacancies in the field of change management.”


“If you are looking for a partner who helps you find suitable candidates, then SPRING TODAY is the right place for you. SPRING TODAY adds value by thinking strategically without losing sight of speed and pragmatism. They are pleasant in their communication and refreshing in their approach. Partly as a result of this, we succeeded together in successfully filling important positions in a tight market.”

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FAQ about hiring an interim change manager


What is the role of an interim change manager?

An interim change manager is a professional hired to oversee and manage organizational changes within a company. Their role involves assessing current processes, planning and implementing changes, addressing resistance, and ensuring effective communication, training and other needed interventions to achieve successful transitions.


How long does an interim change manager assignment last?

The duration of an interim change manager's engagement varies based on the specific project or organizational needs. It can range from a few months to multiple years.


What are the costs involved with hiring an interim change manager?

While many people assume that hiring an interim change manager is more expensive than a fixed one, this is not necessarily true. A permanent professional has a lot of hidden costs, like benefits and training.

Also, a flex contract allows you to scale up and down depending on the need. You can recruit someone for a specific project or period, without the long-term commitment of a permanent hire.


How long does the recruitment process take?

Since the need for an interim change manager is immediate, we know that speed is of the essence. We strive to move from initial call to a list of candidates in one week.


Can an interim change manager become permanent?

This depends on the organization's policies, the financial arrangements and the expert’s willingness. While interim change managers are usually hired on a temporary basis, in some cases, if the organization values their expertise and there is mutual interest, the interim manager might transition into a permanent role.

Ready to hire an interim change manager?

With a database of over 1.500 interim Change & Transformation experts of leading organizations and a network with over 6.000 people passionate about accelerating change, SPRING TODAY can help your organization stay on top of the game. 

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What our clients say

”SPRING TODAY has been providing us with both very strong change and transformation managers as well as inspiration through a network of likeminded leaders in the field of business transformation. They really understand the dynamics of our industry and our business. their open and energetic way of working allows us to be real partners and quickly express our needs and get down to do the work.”

(Former) Global Head People & Organizational Development, ASML
Heleen Cocu

”SPRING TODAY helped me with consultant recruitment for programs while I was supporting the Philips Change Management Practice. I value their adaptability and willingness to listen and understand what’s needed. If things aren’t quite right at first, they will keep tweaking who they presenting until someone is a fit. They are responsive and dedicated to both the companies they serve and the candidates they put forward.”

(Former) Change Lead/Coach, Philips
Lyndall Farley

”For the recruitment of our Global Change Lead we worked together with SPRING TODAY and this was to our great satisfaction! We chose SPRING TODAY because of their good knowledge of the market, but also because of the network and experience they have. As a result, we were able to fill the position quickly and effectively. We can look back on a successful procedure that has resulted in a very good match for us. Thank you!”

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Marloes Schoonen

“SPRING TODAY has been a tremendous help to me and has located experienced change/transition management resources for my team. Finding good talent is hard – but SPRING TODAY makes the process so much easier. SPRING TODAY is a trusted partner, seeks to really understand the need, is extremely responsive, and successfully balances client needs and the needs of her associates. Thank you, SPRING TODAY!”

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Carolyn Cook