Our Partnership with Kotter

The world today is markedly different from 20 or even 10 years ago in fundamentally important ways:

Pace of change

Things are happening faster and there is more need for “good change” in a disrupted and disruptive era.

Lack of predictability

We can’t forecast the future as well as even a decade ago, so we need to improve our response capability.

Speed matters more than ever

Because of increased competition but also consumer expectations driven by the “always on” world.

As a result, change management in organizations has become infinitely more complex.
Are you inspired to step into this impactful field?
Or do you feel like upgrading your toolbox in light of these developments?

We’ve got you covered! Introducing…

The Kotter Change Certification Program and Training Courses

Kotter is considered the gold standard in change leadership, with… 

  • 50+ years of empirical and applied research at Harvard Business School
  • Continued thought leadership in the field of change
  • 22 books that guide leading organizations through change
  • 10+ years of applied research on transformations

Based on research and the latest thinking in brain science, organizational design, behavioral science and business transformation, Kotter has developed the most successful approaches to leading change and creating agile and adaptable organizations.

“Our vision to help millions of people become better leaders for the benefit of billions. It’s in this spirit that we have created Kotter’s change training program and help more people who want to build their muscle to lead change – a critical skill in today’s environment.” – Prof. John Kotter

Kotter’s courses are available for individuals and organizations, and cover:

  • Foundations of Change
  • Engaging Stakeholders to Spark a Movement
  • Selling Your Case for Change
  • Essential Change Toolkit
  • Accelerating Results
  • Achieving Lasting Change

Successfully completing all 6 courses certifies you as a Kotter change leader!

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Special offer! We can give a 10% discount on the Kotter Training courses and certification program.
Use the promo code SPRINGTODAY.

Special offer! We can give a 10% discount on the Kotter Training courses and certification program.
Use the promo code SPRINGTODAY