Wanted: Change Manager

We see it often. Online vacancies are posted with the title: “Change manager wanted”.
We see organizations struggling with all the changes that are coming their way. Not crazy.
We often think we know how to change, but in practice this is a lot more complex. But why exactly? Lisette Weersink wondered that too. She described this in an article.

There is no perfect solution

Why is change so difficult? A question you often encounter. Much has been written about change management, change processes and processes. There are many different types of models available. Why are there so many models and theories and why is there no ‘one size fits all’ approach to change. Just a framework along which we can change. That’s because every organization is different. Own stakeholders, own history, own system, own level of resistance, so every organization has its own unique context. In order to take an organization along in change/transformation, it is therefore very important to have the right expertise in-house on how best to shape this within various types of contexts. When do you need to communicate? How can you involve various stakeholders? Which interventions can best be used when? This is the job of a change manager. He said guides the organization through changes with this expertise.

How can we help you?

Is your organization struggling with all the changes coming your way? Or are you that change professional who guides organizations in this area? SPRING TODAY connects the right professional to the right organization. We would like to hear how we can help you further.

Do you need help/support with your change & transformation challenges?

SPRING TODAY provides the Change & Transformation experts who speak the language of the organization and understand the challenges and complexity of the context. They connect, create movement and set a route to “the organization of tomorrow!’’ 

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