The Six Batteries of Change (De Prins, Letens & Verweire) is an evidence-based change management model that focuses on the key drivers (batteries) that need to be charged in order to successfully embrace organizational change.

These batteries represent the areas that could drain an organization. By addressing them appropriately, change leaders can increase the likelihood of successful outcomes:

Clear strategic direction

In today’s unpredictable world, organizations need to be savvy by staying informed about their surroundings (strategy analysis), determining their priorities (strategy formulation), and making intelligent choices when planning strategic experiments to brace for disruption (strategic experimentation).

top team

People seek inspiration, and the key source can be found in an ambitious top team. Senior leaders who set a compelling change ambition, lead through collaboration and set an example for others.

Powerful management structure

Have a robust infrastructure that acts as a link between strategy and its implementation. This includes structures, processes and systems that help managers run the business while building it.

Healthy culture

A good culture supports change, making it more likely to succeed in open and collaborative settings, while unhealthy cultures with hierarchy, isolated departments, and closed-mindedness can block change progress.

Action planning and implementation

You need to be able to execute change with the right project management practices. For most organizations, this is often the second biggest challenge.

Strong connection with employees

Organizations consist of individuals, and while urging people to change can be challenging, effective change relies on generating security and employee commitment, even in the face of initial resistance.

Only when your organization has managed to charge all six batteries, are you ready to deal with uncertainties, complexities and continuous change.


Choose the Six Batteries of Change Model if:

If you are going to start a transformative journey, but feel like your organization is not aligned and ready, you might want to take a closer look at all the energy gainers and energy drainers. If all the batteries are charged, your change initiative will have a success rate of 95%!

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