Sorry to disappoint you,
but we are not talking about ice cream in the summer…

Instead, Lewin’s model emphasizes the importance of unfreezing existing behaviors,
implementing desired changes, and then refreezing the new behaviors.

Let’s explain how this works:


Create awareness of the need for change and overcome resistance. It is crucial to focus on the “why” of the change initiative.
And don’t forget to listen to your employees about their concerns and fears.

Implementing change

Introduce and integrate new practices or systems. Whilst doing so, it is important to keep the communication channels open. So employees will not be intimidated by the change.


Solidify the changes to make them the new norm. To succeed in this stage, it is important that the change is visible, stable and incorporated in everyday life. This can be manifested through an organizational chart or by providing regular personal feedback.

Now that we know what Lewin’s model is all about, let’s discuss when to use it.

Choose Lewin’s Model if:

The change heavily depends on overcoming resistance and creating lasting behavioral change within the organization. This model is effective for changes such as restructuring, process improvements,
or implementing new policies or procedures.

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