John Kotter’s Change Model is a widely recognized framework for guiding organizations through the process of change.

Kotter, a renowned leadership and change management expert, introduced this model in his 1996 book, “Leading Change.” 

The model consists of the following eight sequential steps:

Creating a sense of urgency

Highlight the need for change by emphasizing the risks and opportunities that exist. By doing so, you’re helping all stakeholders to understand and support the change.

Forming a powerful guiding coalition

Assemble a diverse group of individuals who have the necessary skills and authority to drive the change forward. As such, creating a strong leadership team.

Developing a vision and strategy

Articulate a clear and compelling vision for the future. Along with a well-defined strategy that outlines the path to achieve that vision.

Communicating the change

Communicate effectively, as it involves conveying the vision and strategy to all stakeholders. Make sure they understand the purpose, benefits, and expectations associated with the change.

Empowering employees

Remove obstacles, provide resources, and foster a supportive environment. This empowers employees to contribute to the change effort, encouraging ownership and collaboration.

Generating short-term wins

Celebrate and showcase quick wins to build confidence in the change process.

Consolidating gains

Build on the momentum created by the short-term wins and make further improvements.

Anchoring the changes in the culture

Embed the changes in the organization’s culture and systems. Also, reinforce the new behaviors, processes, and norms to sustain the change in the long term.

Let’s examine if your organization should opt for these eight steps.


Choose Kotter’s Model if:

You tackle large-scale organizational transformations and major strategic initiatives. This model provides a comprehensive approach to managing change and is often used when the change requires significant buy-in and support from stakeholders. 

Think of scenarios such as mergers and acquisitions, cultural transformations, or when organizations need to adapt to disruptive market forces.

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