Social innovation requires transformation. Innovation means that progress is always possible. It is therefore not about what innovation is, but above all about the process. The process of being and staying in motion. The “how”.

But what does that mean concretely for the building blocks you need to get and keep people moving? And what is the difference between traditional organizations and organizations involved in social innovation?

Below we define a number of terms and list the differences with more traditional organisations.

Social innovation therefore requires other elements and means for many organizations and people to step out of their comfort zone. If you want to stimulate Social Innovation, it is important to let go of frameworks and to seize the energy that arises. The focus is on seizing opportunities together. Don’t wait, but do it together, try it out, learn from it and then be able to move to the next level.
This requires entrepreneurship, cooperation, reflection & learning ability, daring to take risks, daring and being allowed to be vulnerable & critical, curiosity and being open to other ideas, creativity, agility and taking responsibility.

A strongly supported objective/focus is a precondition for this: What is the dot on the horizon/where do we ultimately want to move towards? Coaching/facilitating leadership is also an important factor in this. To further support and empower the process of social innovation, a large number of new (digital) tools & methods are now available for collaboration, communication and learning. Tools & methods that bring people and knowledge together faster and easier.

If you use all these building blocks, you are busy with the ‘how’ and stimulating social innovation. Working together to move forward and develop. And to be able to constantly move along with the demand from the market. Because innovation therefore implies that progress is always possible. It is therefore not about ‘what’ innovation is, but about the process of being and staying in motion. The “how”.


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