We need connecting leaders!

A touching video (dutch spoken) by Jan Rotmans, Prof. Sustainable Transformation, indicates that organizations need connectors to guide the necessary transformations that are needed today.

The video of Prof. Jan Rotmans touches exactly the core of SPRING TODAY since we take care of those connectors. We search for professionals in the field of Change & Transformation who help organizations further in the transformation to ’the organization of tomorrow’.

Moreover, we hope to play an impactful role as a connector ourselves. Not only as a mediator for the important group of professionals but also with the Change Management Platform which is an inspiring platform to which Change & Transformation leaders from the top 100 organizations are connected. In addition, knowledge and expertise about change & transformation from organizations and science are brought together, shared, and disseminated.

All in all, SPRING TODAY strengthens professionals in their roles and thus their organizations. We create acceleration and impact on the change capacity and agility of organizations to remain relevant and successful in the future! 

Do you need help with your change & transformation challenges?

SPRING TODAY provides the Change & Transformation experts who speak the language of the organization and understand the challenges and complexity of the context. They connect, create movement and set a route to “the organization of tomorrow!’’ 

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