Lisette Weersink


I am a driven and enthusiastic professional in the field of Change Management, HR(D) and The New Way of Working with extensive experience in consultancy.

Passion for:

Connecting and substantively enriching people and organizations. I get a kick out of it when I can achieve great results/things by empowering people, building bridges, providing inspiration or when we create good solutions together, so that we achieve great results and thus provide added value to organizations . If we can be proud of the result and we have had fun along the way.

Powerful at:

organizing, building, facilitating. I am a connector/bridge builder. Together we achieve more. Good at creating an atmosphere of trust and openness. Goal-oriented and with a strong focus on quality and results. For me, integrity, reliability and sincerity are of paramount importance.

Life motto:

I am because we are.

My dream is:

to contribute to a world where people are empowered, where energy is bubbling, beautiful things are done and created together and where people have fun together. I do this by bringing people together, providing inspiration and/or creating situations in which this arises. Both privately, but also professionally from my work as an HR and Change professional and founder of SPRING TODAY.

With SPRING TODAY I shape this by connecting Changemakers and HR(D) experts and building bridges to organizations. In order to help each other forward and to empower both experts and organizations. In this way we ensure that we are of great value to each other and that we can make a difference.